To apply for entry onto a performers list, you need to complete the application form, a link to which is provided here, and follow the instructions embedded in the form which tell you about the other documentation you need to provide. The document is provided in PDF format, which needs to be printed off and then completed. The same form is used for all three performers lists.

Performers List Application form & Notes

NHS England is responsible for managing entry to performers lists. This work is managed by the Area Team of NHS England. To find out which Area Team you need to apply to, you can use the look up function on this website. This will give you the contact details for the person or team managing performers lists in your area. Please contact your Area Team for detailed instructions on where to send your application. Do not send any documentation without first checking the procedure with your Area Team. Enquiries about performers lists should be directed to the contact given for your Area Team in the first instance.